Evan Baggs has quickly established himself as one of the premier and versatile DJs in NYC. His main influences come from his musically diverse family where all of his siblings would simultaneously be listening to different music. Late 80's house and detroit techno, hip-hop, alternative, classic rock, reggae, as well as gospel, were a staple of his musical diet. After attending many raves and large dance music events in the late 90s, he became drawn to the dark, but soothing, sounds of synths, pulsating kicks and 170bpm breakbeats, which were quarantined to the clubs and venues of America's East Coast.

In the summer of 2002, he landed a job working at Breakbeat Science NYC, one of the most established Record stores and label organizations in the world. In 2003 he had risen to managerial status and had taken on many of the store and labels important daily tasks such as A&R, label management duties, press relations and starting a DJ Booking Agency. His DJing has brought him to tour Europe 3 times as well as appearances in Brasil and Argentina. He has played in some of the worlds most notable parties and clubs such as Limelight/Avalon, Cielo, Roxy, Shelter,(NYC), Buzz (DC), (Boston), Watergate, Cookies, 103 (Berlin), D:Edge (Sao Paulo, Brasil) Batofar (Paris), Flex and Roxy (Vienna), Distillery, (Liepzig) Int